Putra Nilai History

Putra Nilai History

The story of Putra Nilai began in the early 90s with the initiative of the Negeri Sembilan state government to turn it into an educational hub. Gaining traction from the public authorities, it quickly succeeded in realizing this goal after several local and foreign institutions of higher education have decided to set up operations here. It was not until the early 2000s; however, that Putra Nilai expanded into something more when Putra Nilai Development Sdn Bhd., who is also now the developer of Putra Nilai, purchased vast tracts of its land for land development and settlement. Clearly predicting that Putra Nilai will be the future for living, working, playing, investing and learning; the developer forged ahead with their vision to turn this prime land into a township with the support of professional builders.

Establish Year


Urbanization Area (acre)


Numbering of Residents

100 k

Development Of Project


Putra Nilai Vision & Mission

The International Address for Malaysia, Embracing Livability, Celebrating Success

  • Investment Destination with High Leverage
  • Reliable & Trusted Partner in Safeguarding Investment
  • Well Defined Districts for Investment Opportunities


Putra Nilai's Development vision redefined

As visionary developer, Putra Nilai Development is committed to ensuring the investment viability and potential of Putra Nilai is achieved right from the start. This can only be made possible by meticulous planning of the township into four key areas of focused development namely

  • Medical / Theme park
  • Leisure / Wellness
  • Education
  • Commercial


Strategic connectivity to all parts of Klang Valley & beyond

Connected by some of the country's most extensive and efficient networks of highway, Putra Nilai is centrally located for hassle-free travelling.

  • 10 mins to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
  • 15 mins to Putrajaya / Cyberjaya
  • 30 mins to Kuala Lumpur
  • 45 mins to Port Klang (seaport)

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